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Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook August 2016 revision

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Welcome To Our Program

Thank you for choosing Little People’s Academy.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with and caring for your child.

We strive to support and meet the needs of each family.

Owner Trudy Potter

Director SuZann Lund

Director Laurie Barnes

Mission Statement

The directors and staff of Little People’s Academy are dedicated to promoting the positive self-esteem of each child, providing the highest quality of academics, encouraging the delight of childhood and friendship while nurturing the irreplaceable love of the working parent.

Visit our website at: mylpa.net
543 N. Ridge Idaho Falls, ID 83402

(208) 523-7615

Our Center Philosophy

The programs at Little People’s Academy are structured from a base of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.
We strongly believe in developing the self-worth of each child by acknowledging every effort. We will prepare your child to excel and love the process of learning. We believe that it is never too early to begin to learn. The moment a child realizes he is able to use what has been taught, the world opens to him and his opportunities are endless.
The management and teachers at Little People’s Academy acknowledge the importance of their roles in the lives of the children that attend our facility. Good social skills and generally acceptable behaviors are taught and reinforced each day. We practice the concept of self-discipline – the child knows what is expected of him, and understands the consequences of his actions. The teachers we hire have a special interest in children. Although we are unable to replace the love and attention of a parent, we strive to create a loving, friendly, and fun atmosphere that your child can count on. We believe in the uniqueness and value of each child, parent, and staff member. We encourage children to develop relationships with their peers and teachers, to respect others, and to be kind and considerate. Children learn from each other. We observe this sharing of ideas and channel it into positive thoughts and actions. When this interaction between your child and their teacher takes place on a consistent basis, a special bond will form.
We have an open door policy that allows parents’ access to their child and to staff and management. We encourage parents to visit and participate in their child’s special activities, such as field trips and VIP week; however, prolonged and frequent visits are disruptive to the children and staff. We reserve the right to limit the amount and duration of visits at any time. Your interest in your child’s academic and social experiences at Little People’s Academy can be a great motivator for learning. Let your child see that you are working together with us to help make their time at Little People’s Academy a good experience in every way.

Center Goals

  • To provide a loving, nurturing environment where each child’s independence is encouraged and where they can learn to express themselves.
  • To provide an atmosphere where self-discipline is gained in an environment where the child knows the limits and expectations and learns respect for others.
  • To develop in each child a high self-esteem, an “I Can’ attitude and to develop an enthusiasm for learning.
  • To provide a safe and healthy environment for each child.
  • To encourage large motor skills development through play and physical fitness. To encourage social development through play.
  • To be supportive of parents. To establish and maintain good communication with them on a daily basis.
  • To provide children the best academic preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten preparing them for success in school.

Center Programs

The programs at Little Peoples Academy focus on enhancing your child’s awareness of the world around them, giving them a positive “I Can” attitude, and preparing them with the skills necessary to succeed in school. The children are given praise and positive feedback to reinforce their accomplishments. We believe that young children learn best when they have high self-esteem, are confident and comfortable with the knowledge they have, and are challenged to advance to new knowledge.


Our nursery program encourages each child to develop at their own pace. Each child is nurtured with lots of love and kindness. Our teachers spend their time each day holding, cuddling, and playing with every child. The children are introduced to books, songs, and the world around them. Our facility provides play areas and separate sleeping rooms where each child has their own bed. We provide age-appropriate developmental activities.

Early Learners

The Early Learner program is set up to teach each child to discover his independence. Children are encouraged to do simple tasks on their own. We provide age-appropriate activities for their physical and mental development such as counting, ABC’s, finger plays, nursery rhymes, large and small muscle coordination, listening and following directions, arts and crafts, and music. Every effort shall be made to coordinate toilet training in the facility with the program started by the parent.

Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten

Placement in programs is based on several factors. We take into consideration the child’s age by September 1st, physical and emotional development, and licensing compliance with the child to teacher ratios.
The Preschool class curriculum is filled with alphabet, phonics, numbers, shapes, science, gross motor skills, dramatic play, small and large muscle coordination, beginning sequencing, spatial relations, listening and following directions, arts and crafts, and music.
The Pre-Kindergarten class curriculum is filled with alphabet, phonics, beginning reading, D’Nealian method of writing, numbers, shapes, science, gross motor skills, dramatic play, small and large muscle coordination, sequencing, spatial relations, listening and following directions, arts and crafts, and music.
The Full-day Kindergarten class allow the children to achieve their academics in the morning and participate in social studies, themed units, and science in the afternoon. Our low teacher to child ratio allows us to provide more individual attention to your child’s needs. We provide the kindergarten class with a curriculum of advanced reading with phonics, advanced writing with the D’Nealian method, story writing, addition and subtraction, large and small muscle coordination, gross motor skills, dramatic play, listening and following directions, arts and crafts, and music.


Our Latchkey program is for school aged children 1st-6th grade. We bus children to and from most Idaho Falls elementary schools. If your child does not need to ride the van, please call the center by 1:00 p.m. and let us know so we can inform the driver. If your child does not need a ride and you do not call us, we will stop and look for your child. The delay caused by confirming your child’s absence will result in other children on that route being picked up late from school. The children participate in different activities after school such as: bowling, The Artitorium, swimming, service projects, enrichment activities, movies in our theater room, our outdoor obstacle course and zip line, crafts, and games. Homework and reading are stressed each day after activities.
Our Summerfest program is for school aged children during the summer months. The child must have finished kindergarten to start Summerfest. This program provides the children with activities all day to keep them busy and having fun. Our regular field trips have included: Lava Hot Springs, Ross Park Pool, Rexburg Rapids, Craters of the Moon, etc. Other activities include movies, hiking, games at city parks, service projects, sports camps, crafts and much more.



Please read the computer notes as you clock in and out each day for important information such as sign-up and
payment for activities, information about upcoming events, account information, etc.

Class agendas and schedules

Yearly class agendas will be posted in each classroom. These will let you know what your child will be learning
throughout the year. Class schedules will also be posted to let you know what your child’s daily routine will be.
Weekly Summerfest and Latchkey schedules will be emailed to parents who have provided their email address.


A weekly class newsletter will be sent home at the end of each week. The newsletter will provide you with
information about classroom activities, field trips, holidays, programs and important functions.

Social Media

Little Peoples Academy has a Facebook page, as well as a website for information and interest.
We post pictures on these sites but no names of the children. If you would allow us to include your child’s
picture on these sites, we have a release for you to sign.
The Facebook page is mylpaidaho and the web address is mylpa.net

Parent Information Board

A parent information board is located in the main room. This board provides valuable information about activity
sign up, schedules, menus, field trips and other important notices.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

We schedule parent teacher conferences for Kindergarten class only. If you would like to meet with your
child’s teacher during the year, you may schedule a conference with them to discuss any problems or to see
how your child is progressing. We conduct assessments three times per year. These assessments help guide
the curriculum for each classroom.

Conferences with Management

If you feel you have a problem or concern that needs the attention of management, we encourage you to
schedule a conference. Please schedule these in advance so we can allow adequate time to meet with you.
We will do all we can to help you resolve your concerns and come to a decision that will be best for you and
your child.

Special Circumstances

Outside circumstances will affect a child’s behavior. We urge parents to let us know if anything upsetting
or extraordinary is happening in the life of their child. By informing your child’s primary care provider of special circumstances, your child may be given any needed special attention or consideration. In return,
we will advise you if we recognize any unexpected behavior. If your child becomes a threat to himself,
another child, or the staff, you will be called and asked to remove your child from the center. We will
schedule a conference to discuss the behavior and determine a course of action. If the behavior does not change, your child will be disenrolled from the center.


When you enroll your child it is our goal to protect your personal information.
We consider information regarding your child and your family confidential and we will not release any
information without your written consent. A signed enrollment form and/or contract from the non-custodial
parent are for accounting purposes only; however, the custodial parent can receive information from both
accounts because it affects the child’s enrollment.

Updated Information

Please notify us of any changes to the information on your child’s enrollment form. It is important that we have current phone numbers, places of work, emergency contacts, etc.


The purpose of discipline is to teach and provide a learning experience. Children will never be physically disciplined. Misbehaviors will be disciplined with the following steps:
  1. Redirect-the teacher will redirect the child to a positive choice.
  2. Verbal warning – the teacher will make sure the child knows why the behavior is unacceptable.
  3. Time Out – away from class activity. Follow up with a positive discussion concerning acceptable behavior.
  4. Loss of privilege to participate in a favorite activity.
  5. A visit to the office to talk to management.
  6. Office time out (Overtired children may be sent to the nap room for rest).
  7. Consultation with parents for assistance. Management will do this.
  • Discipline will be immediate, fair, and appropriate for the problem.
  • The purpose of discipline is to change behavior.


By law, all children attending childcare must be current on all immunizations. We are responsible to the
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to maintain immunization records on each child in attendance.
You will need to bring a copy of your child’s immunization records for us to keep in your child’s file if we are
unable to access their records on IRIS(the state of Idaho immunization records).
Please bring in all updated immunization records as you get their shots.


If your child will need any medicine during the day, a Medication Form will need to be filled out. This form
will include the date, dosage, times to be given and your signature. A medication fridge is available. Please
give all medication and the medication form to a staff member. Management will supervise all medications.
We will not give any medication without written instructions from the parent. We will only take requests to
give medication over the phone in an emergency. You may fax us permission to give medication as long as the
date, dosage, times to be given, the name of the medicine and signature are on the fax. The children will not be
allowed to administer any medication to themselves – including cough drops or Tylenol, etc. All medications
must be in the original container with all information on the label. The medication must not be expired. The
child’s name that is to take the prescribed medication must be on the label.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are held on a regular basis. An evacuation plan and guidelines are posted at each exit.
All employees are familiar with each exit plan and their designated meeting places.




Please remember to check the lost and found frequently – We clean out the lost and found often and all items not claimed are taken to Deseret Industries. Every child needs to bring a change of clothes to remain in their locker in case of accidents. Even older children may occasionally be in need of a change of clothes. If your child is having accidents, please bring several changes until the problem is under control. We encourage you to provide a blanket for your child for quiet time. If you want to bring a pillow with the blanket, they must BOTH be small enough to fit in the TOP section of their lockers. Please remember to take them home frequently to wash them. We ask that all children in the nursery bring a blanket and bottles that can be left at the center.

We Provide

Nursery – Diapers, formula of your choice, food, cereal, wipes, individual sleeping units
Early Learners – Diapers/pull-ups, wipes, breakfast, lunch and two snacks
Preschool thru Kindergarten – Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, school supplies (annual fee)
Summerfest/Latchkey – Transportation to and from school, all activities, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack

Arrival and Clock In

We require that you bring your child into the center. Make sure you clock your child in on the computer each day. This helps us keep accurate records for the center and the food program. Do not let your child clock himself in on the computer. After you have clocked your child in and read the computer message, put their belongings in their locker and take them to their class. Make sure your child is in the care of a teacher before you leave the center.


When you pick up your child from the center, make sure you clock them out on the computer. Do not let your child clock himself out on the computer. We do not allow children to walk from building to building unsupervised. Make sure your child’s teacher (or the closing person) knows that your child is leaving. Remember that we close at 6:30 pm. There will be a $10.00 late fee per child for every 15-minute period the child(ren) is left in the center after 6:30 pm regardless of notification. As a courtesy, if you are going to be arriving after that time, please call the center and let us know.

Emergency & Authorized Pickups

The emergency contacts you have listed on your enrollment form are those people whom we will contact in case of an emergency and we are unable to reach you. Emergency contacts will automatically be added to your authorized pick up list. Authorized pick ups are persons whom you will allow to pickup your child at any time. If anyone other than yourself or those listed on the authorized pick-up list is going to pick up your child, you must notify the center by written notice or a phone call. If you did not notify us and we cannot reach you, we will not let your child leave the center with that person. We will ask that person for identification if they have not picked up your child previously. Employees of Little Peoples Academy are not allowed to clock your child out or take them from the center unless the employee is on your authorized pickup list and you have completed a “Release of Liability” form.


We participate on the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) and are under federal guidelines. We do not allow children to bring food to the center or take food from the center. Adequate breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided daily. Food and menu exceptions cannot be made for individual children, except for documented medical reasons. If your child has a food allergy or other food substitution, we are required to have a doctor’s statement on file. WE will provide you with a Medical Statement Form to be filled out by your doctor. CACFP guidelines require that all infants remain on formula until 1 year old, and then go on whole milk unless we have a doctor’s statement on file. We have a six-week rotating menu that is posted on the Parent Board. We teach proper manners and encourage the children to use them at all meals. If you would like to eat lunch with your child, we ask that you notify us in advance so we can make necessary preparations. You may send food items on special occasions such as holidays or birthdays.
Our meal times are as follows: Breakfast 7:30-8:45
Lunch 10:45-12:30
Snack 2:30-4:15
If your child needs to eat a meal, make sure they are here at the specified meal times. We have contracted these meal times with the CACFP and we are required to follow them.

Birthdays and Holidays

Birthday and holidays parties are fun times for young children. We make their birthday exciting for them all day at the center and everyone sings “Happy Birthday” to them during music time(during the school year) and they receive a birthday crown to wear for the day. The children enjoy bringing treats to share with their classes on these days. We ask that birthday celebrations be kept simple. For safety reasons, all birthday celebrations must be done in the classroom. Please call ahead and make arrangements with your child’s teacher for birthday celebrations. Notes will be sent home for each holiday party during the year letting you know what will be happening in your child’s class.


Every week, during the school year, a different child will be chosen from each class to be the VIP. This is their week to be spotlighted. We encourage you to help make this a special week for your child by doing things such as having lunch one day with your child, sharing treats, or initiating an activity for their class. They may get two turns during the year depending on class size. A poster board will be sent home the week before it is your child’s turn. This poster will be displayed in your child’s classroom to let us know about them. The poster may include pictures or drawings of your child’s favorite things, family, vacations, what they like, etc. During this week, your child may bring toys or other items from home. Please do not bring anything that can be easily broken or irreplaceable. We are not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items.

Show and Tell

Every Friday is show and tell for all of the children. This is the only day the children should bring toys from home unless the child is the VIP for the week. If toys are brought from home on other days, we will put them away until the child leaves for the day. Please do not bring anything that can be easily broken or irreplaceable. Toys that promote violent or aggressive behavior such as guns, swords, knives, videos games above the “E” rating, or movies above the “G” rating are not allowed. Occasionally we will approve a PG movie for the children to watch. If you do not want your child to watch “PG” movies, please let us know. For sanitary reasons, we do not allow makeup, lip gloss, nail polish or other personal items that the girls tend to share. We are not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items.



Every child attending the center is required to have a contract designating days, times at the center, scheduled meals, and a minimum weekly charge. Changes to your contracted days must have prior approval from management.
The drop-in rate will be charged for the unscheduled day.

Pre-Paid Attendance

At the time of enrollment, the $50 registration fee and first weeks’ tuition are required to reserve the child’s place in the classroom. These fees are nonrefundable.
Payments are due each Monday for that week of service. Payments can be made each week, every other week, or monthly on the first day your child attends as written in your child’s contract. All payments in advance are non-refundable. No credit or discount will be given. If your account is not paid in full on Monday, a $10.00 late fee may be added on Tuesday morning. If your account remains unpaid the following Monday, an additional $10.00 late fee will be charged. If full payment is not received by Friday of the second week, services may be suspended until your account is paid in full. Latchkey fees are due by the 10th of each month. Beginning on the 11th of each month, a $10.00 late fee may be added to your account each week the balance is left unpaid. If your account remains unpaid at the end of the month, services may be suspended until it is paid in full. In order for your child to participate in activities your account must be current.

ICCP Payments

For those receiving ICCP benefits, we require weekly payments towards your co-pay each Monday. Your account must be paid in full by the last day of each month. The $10.00 late fee policy described above will also apply to ICCP recipients. If ICCP accounts remain unpaid by the last day of the month, services may be suspended until it is paid in full.
If you are in the process of applying for ICCP benefits, you may be required to pay your full weekly/monthly charges until we receive confirmation of approval from the state.

Registration Fee and Supply Fee

There is a registration fee of $50.00 per family. If your child is disenrolled for any reason there will be a $15.00 re-registration fee when you return to the center.
There is a yearly supply fee of $20.00 per child. This applies to the Early Learner, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes.

Tuition Express and Credit Card Payments

Through our Tuition Express program, you may sign up for automatic weekly/monthly payments for your tuition fees. We have the ability to withdraw funds from your checking/savings account or charge your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card. Through Tuition Express you may also pay on your account online at your convenience. We also can accept your debit or credit cards for payments at the center.

Withdrawal from Center

We require a two-week written notice prior to your child/children leaving the center. If we do not receive the two-week written notice, you may be charged 50% of the tuition for those weeks.


Payment for field trips must be made before your child will be allowed to go. Payments for activities such as Fun Bus or swimming lessons must be paid for in advance. If payment is not received by the required date, your child may not attend the activity.

Penalties and Late Fees

A late pick-up fee of $10.00 per child will be charged for each 15-minute period the child(ren) is left in the center after 6:30 pm. If you want to withdraw your child from the center, we require a two-week written notice. If we do not receive a two-week written notice, you may be charged 50% of the tuition for those weeks.

Special Requests

We charge a fee of $1.00 per page and $75.00 per hour to provide attendance records, infant production records, contracts, reports cards, and other forms or documents as requested or required by persons other than the custodial parent.


If you need a receipt for payment, please specify on the envelope provided for your payment.
We encourage you to make cash payments directly to management. All cash payments will be receipted.

Returned Check Fee

A $20.00 returned check fee will be charged on all checks returned unpaid from your bank.

Vacation/Sick Policy

Our calendar year is from September to September. Unused vacation/sick credits will not be carried forward to the next year. All vacation/sick credits will be earned on an accrual basis. The credits will be applied to your account at the requested time; however, if you disenroll your child before your vacation/sick credits have been earned, the tuition for unearned days may be added to your account. Each child is eligible for two weeks of his average contracted days per week. These credits can be used for either vacation or sick days. The total requested days cannot exceed the eligible number of days allowed per year.
For example:
5 day a week contract=10 days credit per year
If your family encounters an unexpected or lengthy illness, we may extend an emergency sick credit after the two week credit has been exhausted.  This will be decided on a case by case basis.  Vacation credit does not apply to Latchkey, Summerfest, or AM Preschool.

Referral Program

For each new child that you refer to Little People’s that enrolls, you will receive a 10% childcare credit for the following 6 months. The credit will be available on your account for up to 6 months as long as the child remains enrolled and their account is paid in full. The credit will be calculated based on the lowest weekly rate between the two families. Only one credit per referred family.