July 1

School Age




Our Latchkey program is for school aged children 1st-6th grade. We bus children to and from most Idaho Falls elementary schools. If your child does not need to ride the van, please call the center by 1:00 p.m. and let us know so we can inform the driver. If your child does not need a ride and you do not call us, we will stop and look for your child. The delay caused by confirming your child’s absence will result in other children on that route being picked up late from school. The children attend different activities after school such as:  swimming, physical fitness activities for boys, bowling, Artitorium, games (non-electronic), service and enrichment projects.  Homework and reading are stressed each day after activities.


Includes all activities, early release days and no-school days, busing to and from school, all meals-breakfast, lunch, snack.

$50 Registration Fee

$325  A Month